There are two traditional types of classes:


  • LED class (led and fully counted by the teacher and all students move together in sync)
  • MYSORE class (each student moves through the sequence at their own pace and practices just their part of it while the teacher keeps a watchful eye)


  • The teacher calls out and counts the postures and vinyasas.
  • Students start their practice at one time, move and breathe in sync according with teacher`s count.
  • Students practice by following the “count” and do the same movements during the class.
  • The teacher calls out asana and vinyasa number in Sanskrit, marking inhale and exhale. Sometime the teacher can give instruction about asanas, bandhas and drishti.

In such a way, LED class provides an opportunity to learn vinyasa method quite quickly.






  • Students progress through a series of postures performed to the rhythm of one’s natural breathing as there is no need to “keep up” with others in the class. 
  • Practice is started at convenient time for student. Class duration depends on student`s breathing and amount of practicing asanas. However, it is necessary to finish by the time the class is over (according with the schedule).
  • The teacher doesn`t demonstrate asanas or count vinyasas, but adjusts students (mostly by hands), gives some recommendations or recalls the sequence;  guides students while they learn new asanas.
  • This type of education provides an opportunity to learn asanas one at time and gradually improve one`s practice.
  • Based on each student`s skills, the teacher decides when he/she is ready for the new step.
  • Students get new asanas if they easily practice current portion of the Ashtanga sequence or the teacher wants to provide them an extra incentive.

MYSORE STYLE got its name from the southern Indian city of Mysore, where the KPJAYI (Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) is located.

Originally there had been only MYSORE classes at the KPJAYI, but many years on LED classes were included.

Nowadays there is a standard schedule at worldwide Ashtanga schools: